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That is an interesting point to think about - where and how we learn about new and exciting things.

There are a handful of diabetes related magazines, and they are almost "too full" of advertising. Also contributing to the problem is that the "diabetes epidemic" that is happening is almost entirely type 2 - resulting in a slew of advertisements aimed at that particular population.

It makes me kind of mad sometimes. For example, in the August 2006 issue of Diabetes Health, there are a couple of advertisements that just ticked me off a bit. One for a pill called "Glucose Balance", and another, from the same company, called "Glucose Tolerance".

Chronic conditions just seem to bring the damn leeches out of the woodwork.

But then, what do I know about type 2 diabetes? Not much.

What do I know about natural herbs and other holistic type treatments? Even less.

So, why do I get so cynical when I see advertisements for things like that? Maybe because we've been bombarded by useless crap for so long - that I need to hear some testimonials from fellow type 1 diabetics that I respect before I'll buy into it.

Maybe I'm a bit angry that there are people getting filthy rich off the fact that my pancreas doesn't quite work right. And the fact that I'm bombarded and overwhelmed by the cost of all these things I need to try to maintain good control.

As you can see, for whatever reason, I have a boatload of emotion tied to this whole thing. Probably not justified I guess. But it does beg the question - what is the right place for that product to consumer communication.

I don't know either.

Great post - something that certainly deserves some more attention out there.

You speak of the desire that we has diabetics could become more of a "collective voice". Well concerning bg monitors I REALLY would like one that is consistently accurat/precise! I HATE it when the monitor gives you varying vamues when you recheck your bg value! Secondly I really think that more than one (Abbott's - Precision Exceed) monitor should both test for sugar and KETONES in the blood. So many more diabetics have insulin pumps, and for pump users it is really good to be able to check for ketones in the blood. Furthermore one does not want to have to carry around two separate monitors! This is just my big wish. For all the "prettines" and "rapidity" and everything else - I still value most of all accurate and precise values, and then they can throw in the other very nice details like monitor size, blood sample size, rapidity, memory, USB port connections, size of text on screen AND temperatures at which the monitor works. By the way how many of us have taken winter walks and been told - oops it doesn't function now due to the cold temperature!

Hi Rup,
Once again, you make an excellent (and eloquent) point!

And a huge THANK YOU for the endorsement, btw. I've been pounding out D-issues for a year and a half now, and am so very glad to know that it matters to others like me.

As for new products, I'll have a lot more to say this Fall when I get back from vacation :)

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