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Yuckage. For sure.

You'll be back in action in no time. But, for now, yuckage.

Isn't that just the crappest? Down, sugar to get back up, insulin to get back down and then another low. Woopeee! I hate it too. At least I am not the only time because added to the up and down is the guilt - low, sugar, too high - "Less chocolate, I said, less chocolate! Next time we are eating less chocolate! Did you hear me?" - insulin, too low and then more guilt, "When are you going to get the hang of this, Carlynn? Come on, chicken, come one. Next low, we are going to do this RIGHT."

but there is no right. We just have to go easy on ourselves. Not that it helps when you have a headache and feel bleachky.

Hi Rupp,
I should be sorry, I know. But I am SO GLAD to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing "days like these."

Yours in spirit and with lowfat gummi bears,


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