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First I want to thank you for the flickr info. I love it and am using it. I would love to look at the photos YOU have posted there b/c I always like those on your posts! How do I find yours? Pls feel free to send me an email, found on my blog. Yes, I finally got my act together and stared my own.
Concerning your theme, don't you think it is NOT even necessary to store those good feelings in the pretty blue bottles for later access. What is necessary is to open our eyes and LOOK at the pretty blue bottles and all the other "small, insifnificant" beautiful things that life is constantly bombarding us with BUT WHICH WE ARE SO OFTEN TOO PREOCCUPIED TO SEE.

I was really glad to read this - it feels good to know that you are feeling good right now.

May the good times last as long as they can, and even when they don't, you know they'll be back again soon!

I'm glad to hear that all is quiet on the D front at the moment. Enjoy the peace. And I hope it lasts a good, long time.

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