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For the health of it indeed. Very powerful imagery.

Your words blow me away sometimes. Like now.

What a cool post, I love it. I have just started making collages again, after taking a 20 year break, and I am loving it. I haven't yet made collages in a book but I'm working up to it - it still seems like sacrilege to draw in a book, you know.

It's interesting that dots are a recurring theme in your collages. I think I still repress diabetes or maybe it's simply that it's early days in my collages and I need more time to identify a theme. I am also concentrating on fertility issues and diabetes is a bit like, "Ok, yes, blood sugars are good, now what do we do this month to attempt to have this elusive child?" Diabetes seems secondary in comparison to my fertility struggles. Maybe that's the silver lining of the fertility problems.

Anyway, great post and any chance of seeing a photo of the dress? If the wrapping paper is that cute, I'd love to see the dress.

Fantastic imagery.

And you're right: Out of context, a red spotted paper is nothing more than a fabulous gift-wrapper. In the context of diabetes, however, it's a testament to How Hard You Work.

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