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I am SO in.

I think that is a great idea. Count me in too.

This is an awesome idea. I don't think of my own diabetes as touching, but navigating through diabetes with my three year old creates a lot of moments that a picture could capture very well.

Terrific idea. I'm in, too. Let us know the details!

You have really hit upon something here! You are absolutely right - diabetes does not show! Maybe if it did, more would be done to cure it! Think of a place where we could see other diabetics! I have some pictures of myself - toting my indiscrete black Cozmo pump. Please explain very simply what exactly I must do to put some photos on the diabetes spot you are creating! I am not computer savy - so please give very clear instructions. i checked out the site and looked for curly coated retrievers. Very, very fun!Neither do I understand how to put my dog pictures, ie Skye my black curly, on the site either. I love the site but cannot figure out how to put my pictures there or how to tag the pictures. Please do explain! Also loved the dress in the Apostrophhe catalogue. VERY INTERESTING POST!

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