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Minnesota does have a beautiful sky, more so in the bitter cold. I've been finding a lot of happiness in sleep lately. AAhhhhhhhhhhh, sleep :)

And, wouldn't you know, it was out there again this morning as I went to the bus stop, and I'm thinking that "sapphire" would perhaps come close. Looking at the morning sky fills me with a complete and perfect sense of belonging. Your picture is just lovely. Thank you!

Mornings are pretty special. All around.

I also like the deep dark night sky - late at night when you can see the stars, so bright and crisp.

It's still much different than the night sky that you see outside of the city - that is something special!

And how's that for three Minnesota commenters in a row! (I would call this #4, but that's stretching it a bit...).

Bet we couldn't do that again if we tried!


Beautiful....the color...the beauty...keep looking...

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