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I've noticed that not only is it constant, I'm also either always full, or always hungry. Never inbetween.

This one resonated big time for me today. Even when I'm not thinking about it, I'm thinking about it.

So true. For me, if it is not my own diabetes, it is my daughter's...
type 1 x 2...you do the math. Somehow we get a higher percentage of drama out of it.
Thanks so much for your gentle, honest posts.

I've often used this analogy when talking to people about how tired I get. I say that it's like having to conciously remember to breath in and out. Sure, you can do it, but wouldn't you get tired of it?

Oh my, I can certainly relate to this. To cut down on the stress and clutter lately I'm trying to think about each diabetes act or decision JUST ONCE, no thinking about thinking, no second-guessing, speculation, reaction or attachment, no victory dances, no getting mad...but it's so hard!

I want us all to be free to think about lots of other things.

I love this blog and all your perceptions and pictures. Thank you for creating it.

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