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My son is extremely visual and we do everything in my house with the aid of a visual cue. Whether it is pictures of him brushing his teeth under the mirror in the bathroom, a little white board with the days events in stick figures drawn out, or paintings of things we do during choice time. I’ve noticed that with Sandis he relaxes so much if he can “see” what his choices are, and what it is he gets to do or can do. I’ve learned so much the benefit of pictures in the past year and how they can help day in day out with life.

This post took me back 10 years, when I was hospitalzied with a presenting diagnosis of heartfailure. Fortunately it was an advserse reaction to Lantus, which I had just started It took several frightening days to figure this out, and when I was released with a clean bill of health I gratefullly contemplated all of the kind people at the hospital who had helped me.
I got some cardstock in various colors and made calling-card sized pices. On the front, I wrote the person's name in calligraphy. On the back, a brief description of their kindness. Example - Olga, one of my roommates, took off her cardiac monitor so she could come over to my bedside and sing to me in Russian as I lay there crying.
I decorated them with embossed doodling and had them laminated. I did 27 in all.
For the next few weeks, I took one each night and spent a couple of minutes in silent reflection.
Actually, I'd forgotten all about them until last summer when I was cleaning out a file. They are now safely tucked in a special box where they won't be lost again.
We all need a "what helps" list. I'm going to work on mine!

Beautiful...your post and the comments...thank you for sharing your inspiration...it SO helps!!!...and I am on my own mission now to form my own collection. We cannot rid ourselves of the difficult, but we can dilute it daily with good things.

I love your stories. Thank you for them. I love the story of Minnesota Nice's cards. And I'm happy you found them again. They sound amazing. And Sarah's story of her son. He gets the value of pictures more than we do. "The value of pictures". What a great title for what we're talking about. And Jayne, I so agree. We can dilute the difficult by seeing and celebrating the daily good. It's not always easy to do, but it helps to know that it's a choice that is always there.

Wow! Connecting with wonderful people who understand life with diabetes is definitely on my "what helps" list.

thanks for this post....and your blog. i am sending your link to someone special in my life. how about a (visual) flickr pool entitled "what helps"?

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