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Yes - I've felt this way too. A paper cut is a pretty good way to describe it.

I also think of our infusion sets as a very personal and almost intimate part of the connection to our pumps. Though - intimate is not the right word. More like violation. It is the part that stabs us, that can be uncomfortable. It is a violation.

But we deal and move on. So much dealing we do sometimes.

Boy do I understand! I was so worried about using my arms b/c they are skinnyish. Scott got me to try both my upper thighs and arms. I am so happy I did, although a few minor learning knots had to be untangled. Afterwards you feel stronger - like dam you disease I am the boss, not you!

Ooh, I'm itching too. But can't move my OmniPod without wasting a pod. What's a PWD to do??

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