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I have had similar troubles when I put the insertion sites on my thighs. I kept pulling them out when I took off my jeans. I got lots of advice from other bloggers, so check out my posts about this in February 2007 at http://chrissieinbelgium.blogspot.com I discovered a fabulous film that I put on top of the insertion site and the loop of line that is formed between the insertion site and where the line can be disconnected. It is made by Smith & Nephew. My bxx has a French/Dutch text but it is called Op Site Flexifix. It is a transparent film. It comes in a roll that is 10cm, about 4 inches, wide. It is not at all as expensive as the Tegaderm patches. I am sure it exists in the US! Send me an email or check out my blog if you need more info. Skirts are fun but with this film that easily adheres to your skin you should be able to still wear your jeans. I had the exact same problem!

I got Opsite Flexifix here:

I use IV3000 on my leg sites. Keeps them from pulling out and from getting irritated. I should use it on all of them, because I notice a lot less redness. And if you order your supplies from MMed, just ask them for it the next time you reorder.

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