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Can't wait to start my pump on July 5th - looking forward to some gushers; there are just some things that are impossible to get used to. Last night when I did my finger prick before bed I must have hit a capulary in my pinky finger b/c it sprayed blood everywhere when I poked - not fun.

Great post.

You're absolutely right on the money about the visceral reaction. I get mad about it, but that's probably just a reflection of how deeply I feel about seeing all that blood.

And the images tend to stay with me for a while afterwards. I think that's part of our humanity, blood is so important to our living that we've got thousands of years of experience built into us. So we're naturally perturbed when we see a lot of it.

There is a saying, " the life is in the blood." Perhaps that is why, when it is spilled ~ the heart responds. I appreciate your post!
And, I relate to "tired to the bones." You are right that is doesn't really make sense. Perhaps it is actually being tired to the soul. I appreciate your writing ~ thanks!

I think it is another visual indication about just how primitive this therapy really is.

Sure, the technology on the pump end of the tube is pretty fantastic - but in the end we're stabbing something into our body. That is not natural.

Typically the blood is pretty well hidden from us. But when these gushers happen it is a very visually disturbing reminder of where we are at with our therapy. Squirting insulin under our skin. {Sigh}

It's impressive that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well as from our discussion made at this place.

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