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Testing 1 2 3

Sorry, my comment does not seem to be "taking".

Oh......the raspberries.......I just got some Ranier Cherries - sounds like from your part of the country, but I coud be mistaken.

Ok, I had the day off today for a doc appt. Here are my three:
1) Sitting next to a lady at the clinic coffee shop who began whistling "76 Trombones". When I complimented her on her whistle, she did it again.
2)Having my little neighbor across the street whisper "have a good day" in my ear.
3) Getting a sample of Prince's new fragrance at Marshall Field's. The person beside me piped up, "it smells lke some kind of insecticide" and we both burst out laughting.

I actually had fun cleaning the house. My eyes had fun seeing all the bright colors in my kitchen decor.

I'm going to add getting such a great comment from minnesota nice to my fun list. Your wonderful list makes me smile! Especially the comment about the lovely insecticide perfume...I'm guessing that's not the quality they were shooting for! Ha!

And yes, those cherries are probably from my neck of the northwest woods, hopefully sweet and delicious for your enjoyment.

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