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Excellent. Thanks for the inspiration.

Rah rah, preparedness!
Absolutely essential.
A couple of nights ago I woke up drenched with sweat, I mean swimming. I reached for the bottle of glucose tabs and they weren't there. I had had company that day and put them away.
I thought maybe it was one of those hypos when my mind was still clear but my body wasn't, so laid there, taking inventory and finally concluded that I could walk to the kitchen.
In our humanness, we sometimes forget to do things that would be in our best interest.
But the habit of being prepared takes less time than sweeping up the pieces after - which then, of course, leaves more time for FUN.

Also, please walk calmly, in single file, to the Fun Area. There is more than enough to go around.

Sometimes I forget what fun is...how do you spell fun? Now, that's a fun thought, eh?

I love that "Fun" sign. It's aptly named. :)

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