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No harm in that at all. Beautiful blog entry. It's very helpful, and lucky for us, we can look up at the sky each day to be reminded. Listen to the song, "Big Sky" by Rachel Loy if you haven't heard it. BTW, I just stumbled across your blog today. I'll definitely keep reading. Thanks for helping to create an online community for us type 1 diabetics.

I think there is some real power in remembering to look at the long view rather than trying to "micro-manage" things.

Probably true for many areas of life, but especially so in dealing with our diabetes.

Very well put, Birdie.
As you know, I am partial to blue sky, but I've never really given the clouds any thought - "constant change" about sums it up...........whoa, now you've put Jonie Mitchell buzzing around my head...

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