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Yes, there is always a balancing act. I think we are all very good at balancing, at least until something new comes along that we have to deal with (and re-learn how to balance again).

Looking long is a great way to be. Often so hard when so much of this thing is micromanaging every single minute of our lives.

I think that we can get to a point where that micromanagement can happen in the background, and our long view is what is in the forefront.

That greatly helps our balance because we are not so overly focused on the micromanagement.

Great post. You are so good at taking some abstract thoughts about things and breaking them down into words. It is a real talent, and I'm so glad that you are sharing it with us. It is something that helps me personally a great deal. Thank you!

Take care!

I agree with Scott - a beautiful post. A few people have been writing about "the flow" lately.
I really like your phrase "trusting the process and looking long". So true. So true.

Hear, hear! I'm with you on the nonchalance and the guardrail of worry. I wonder if it takes people decades of living with diabetes to reach this point.

Thank you for that! I needed my vision adjusted. Time to look long...and take the short distance in stride.

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