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Thank you for ironing this out. Sometimes just to see it in print helps. It's the same with many numbers. Not just blood glucose levels or AIC results. Weight. Balance in my bank book. Age. Etc.

In fact, I just met a diabetic who told me she drinks regular soda and I wanted to pass judgement on her, like lady, what's wrong with you? You drink Regular Coke? I may eat twizzlers but I always drink diet coke. So ridiculous!!! Wow...I find my little judgements of myself and others so harsh sometimes. Especially myself.

What I find so amazing is how easy it for me to get hard on myself on some small detail of diabetes management but then forget to give myself credit for doing all it takes to live with this disease on a day to day basis. I'm trying to really see that second piece more and honor what it means in my life. To be frank, connecting with the OC has helped me do that more because everyday I see and am so moved by the courage and strength of character of the others I find there. If courage and grace and strength exists in other people's journey with diabetes, it logically follows that exists within us too. My goal is less self criticism and more celebration of what we achieve every day, regardless of the specific numbers.

"Less self criticism and more celebration" That sounds wonderful. Your posts are not just helpful, they are D-lightful.

Oh goodness, Birdie, we say almost this exact same thing in our "Know Your Numbers" book. Really: It's cut the guilt, use the # as information, and move on!

Love your style, as always...

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