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I do that too. Even with my knowledge of probably cause and effect, there are still a few things that I are hard to decline, for a number of reasons. And it's never really worth it, for me.

I'm sorry the cupcake didn't go as planned. I wish there was a time out button where we could eat a cupcake once a month or something.

Oh, I've done that way too many times. Living in Taiwan, I often eat poorly because I don't want to offend people or explain to ignorant ears about my diabets. It's silly, and it hurts no one but me. I actually had a long conversation with my friend over why I ALWAYS leave rice in the bowl. Always, without fail. They really thought I was rude, and told me stories about how how much rice you leave in the bowl determines how handsome or ugly your spouse will be (silly wivestale). Once I explained my diabaetes in excrutiating detail (for me), he understood, but he told me that before that time, he really thought I was odd and a little rude for leaving so much food and rice in the bowl.

Ahhh.....I guess I want to tell you it's okay, and I support you and love reading your posts and thank you for writing honestly about giving in sometimes.

I've done that too. I think trying to fit in for me, means that when there is a party or something, I can just have a bite, i don't always have to eat the whole thing, but to feel like I'm not left out or excluding myself from this moment in time feels okay, becuase I know that one bite won't give me that much trouble.

I wish we could all take a vacation from this once in a while.

Great post, I can totally relate. :) Thanks for writing! :)


Great post.

I have had an idea bouncing around my head for sometime now about how people in general (and myself specifically(and other diabetics, perhaps?)) are awful at evaluating the balance between short-term gratification and long-term costs.

It's near impossible to do an off-the-cuff cost-benefit between the endorphin pleasure that cupcake delivers and the blood sugar roller coaster ride it also takes us on (or even worse, a more severe diabetic complication 10 years down the line from an accumulation of similar miscalculations).

My basic hypothesis is that people (myself most certainly included here) do not appropriately value their future health.

So far, my only idea for a solution is to focus on better habits.

Ah...I am not well tonight because I wanted to fit in and compliment the hostess today...belittle my "diabetes" and tell friends I'm not really that different. I'm sorry now. That is the last time I do that. From now on I pay homage to the D and I will feel better for it. Those sweet little delicacies are no friend to us.

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