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What a fun idea! Maybe you could get other people to add things, too, for surprise treats :)

I like that idea. I have a "gratitude" bucket, where I used to write (every day) the things I felt grateful for, and when I felt bummed, pull them out to remind myself. It's funny to look at the old stuff from years ago, like spending time with an ex-boyfriend, an old friend who cooked dinner for me, talking on the phone to my grandma (now gone), etc. Sometimes it made me sad, but mostly it brought back good times.

I think you are going to be just fine. I like that you share your highs and lows with us. You are a wonderful writer, and your art and photographs are always really cool. I enjoy your blog and your style very much.

Oooh, Birdie, please don't say "snowy day". This morning on my way to the office from the busstop, I felt that first, truly autumnal gust of air. (Winter is not my favorite season).
I love the "what helps" list. Many years ago I had a therapist who kept asking me, "what can you do to make yourself feel better?" and I'd hiss back, "nothing!".
But, of course, there are many things that help. And we must not lose signt of that. I love Beth's idea of having other people put ideas in the box.
Have a good day ahead. The journey is the reward.

You sound so good. I first found your blog when you were looking for beauty. Through all the ups and downs you return to the same place of peace and productive work on this disease. Thank you for writing. It helps.

Isn't it strange how when we're feeling down we just want nothing more than to stay "stuck in a rut"? It almost feels like too much work to pull ourselves back to good.

I think that stockpiling some helpers for those times is a really great idea.

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