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So true!

Your first Note To Self really hit home with me. I recently had an infection so bad that it required antibiotics & a drainage procedure (self-inflicted) to get rid of the infection. Believe me. I won't put off changing an itchy site again.

I remember one time when I was going on a logchute ride at a amusement park. There were two people to a log, and my big sturdy nephew was in front of me. Each time we took a steep dive I pressed my face into his back to hide from the sensation.
With diabetes there is no one in the seat ahead of us to take the edge off. We are at the front, every day, each moment. And i don't like it either.
Hope you have a better week ahead, Birdie.

Oh, Birdie, how I relate to this post. Why, why, why do I fool myself? I am a smart woman. I know what I am doing. 19 years is a long time to have diabetes. I know beter. But we all falter. We all make mistakes. Roller-coaster rides are not fun with glucose levels. I've been there. Heck, I'm there now.

Damn those Mexican chips get me, too!

Great notes. I used to have a notebook, but have somehow lost it in the fog. But, fresh resolve is on the horizon. I feel a cool breeze coming. Thanks.

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