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"At times, this can make it hard to get used to anything. "

I find that to be very much the case for me lately, as well.
I know, the only constant in life is change,blah blah blah, but it would be nice to know that bg at least were steady. What a joy that would be.

Lovely leaves, by the way, and another lovely post, Birdie.

It's like when you're in a bad patch, you know it won't last forever. When things are good, bask and savor.
BTW, me being a tree person also, what are those unusual leaves with the dots on them?

This is so true! For some reason, last Sunday was horrible for me, but Monday wasn't so bad. They were such completely different days - just like the leaves. Nice post.

Great post.

I always love the pictures you post. Thanks.

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