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Great post, Birdie.
Sometimes it's the internal debate and ensuing guilt that exhaust me. I went for many years and just did what I wanted, so choices did not need to be made regarding db self-care.
And now that I've pulled in the reins, I sink into that sad resignation that "this is how it has to be". Some days it's not hard - A (I have T1DM) plus B (I want to have the best health possible) = C (therefore I will not eat the fresh, crispy tortilla chips).
It is that definitive.
Other days I want a life like my "regular" friends and don't go out with them because I feel like a freak.
But, I think it was you who said something about striving for more good days than bad, and I think I'm there.......(yipee)

The never ending search for balance.

I like that idea of counting the fatigue and using it as a trade-off. I so often try to ignore it. How unfair to myself is that? I need some major readjustment here. Thank you for the help!

This rang true for me too ... I even sent to a group of my family and friends to 'verbalize' what seems difficult for me to convey. Your writings just turn the thoughts into concrete expressions. Thank you for taking the time to share.

You write so beautifully. My mother had diabetes -she died nearly three years ago from a stroke . Reading your words at least helps me understand a little of what she was up against and coped with. It is important to me in my grieving, even years later. BLESS YOU.

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