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i had a strikingly similar experience this morning and the sadness clung to me all day, as well.

Perhaps the emotion, sadness, had a physiological basis and not just a psychological one. I have trouble reminding myself of that -- my feelings often seem to be either a sign of mental "weather," and not physical health. But, of course, emotions have their roots in our bodies! Low spirits may be connected to such a dramatic low blood sugar.

I'm sympathetic -- I've been having morning lows myself lately. I want to bound out of bed, facing the day with energy and optimism, but I'm stuck for a while, drained and recuperating.

And maybe it makes us sad, too, because this struggle is unknown to others, who haven't felt what we have. Your photo and your description of vision changes convey the effects of a hypo well -- maybe this kind of writing and blogging helps educate others to the inner dramas of diabetes.

A short post, but a great one! Thanks.

Sometimes I think an early morning low or high sets the whole day off. It's hard to get up and greet the day when your blood sugar levels are badly off.

I must say, I like the idea of gummy bears MUCH better than the smarties that I use. They're hard to open when I'm low and the wrappers make a lot of noise.

At any point did you check your BGs to see how low it was and later, how high the gummy bears got you?

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