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March 08, 2010


I've been enthralled with her black and white work for years. But just this week I discovered a small French-language catalogue that compares the still lifes of Manet with some color still lifes of fruits in a bowl by Belin that have blown my mind. They are reminescent (sp!) of Paul Outerbridge's carbro color prints as well as Madame Yevonde or early Kodachrome in terms of garish fecundity and 'hyper'-realityness...I work in a bookstore and this had sat since december 2008 on our shelves without my knowledge so I was also shocked by that as well. Hope you get to see these images some day. Ms. Belin is a real treasure. If I ever win the lottery I hope to scoop up some of her work. She does a series of b&W shots of the backs of computers stacked 10-12 high and her series on engine blocks are captivating as well.

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