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Minnesota Nice

Wow, Birdy, what in the heck made me go looking for you? (Must be the full moon). You are Birdy, aren't you? At least it seems so.
I stopped blogging a year ago. But I am so happy to see you are back. You've been bookmarked, sister!!!!!

Alyson Cheatham

I really liked this post, I especially liked when you said that you are focusing on living the best life possible regardless of diabetes. I couldn't agree with this statement more! I started blogging a month ago to talk about my sons journey, he is 19 months and was diagnosed in November 2013. It's been an interesting road, and reading your blog is helpful when I feel I am the only one trying to put a positive spin on this whole disease in an effort to maintain my sanity. Thanks so much for blogging. If you'd like to check out our story you can visit my blog at I look forward to reading your future posts. :)

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