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I could not agree more. So much in the world of design and interiors has evolved over the years, but hospitals and clinics remain stuck somewhere in the world of "beiges and mauves". You mention the concept of "temporariness" informing interior choices for hospitals. This same "temporariness" is how I feel about the hotels I stay in as well, but I still prefer the W Hotels to others, because of the thought they have put into the design of the space. This same level of thought, even more, should be placed on our medical facilities. The Miami Children's Hospital is one of the first hospitals I have seen that considered their ultimate client, the child.

i own a clinic and am thinking of doing a re-design. thing is, i'm not sure how my patients will take to the new look. if it's too expensive looking, patients may think you're overcharging for healthcare. so we're stuck with safe, warm colors like pink and beige... none of the fancy stuff, etc... would appreciate if you could point me to some clinic sites which you think are approachable, warm and therapeutic?

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