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I had the same surgery to unfreeze my frozen shoulder. I was also shocked when my orthopedist informed me that diabetics have more shoulder issues -- and that they are at higher risk for frozen shoulder because of tendencies to build more scar tissue during healing from other injuries.

I was VERY glad that I decided to have the surgery -- I had been suffering for nearly a year with the issue before we finally went ahead. My healing time was around 6 months -- with therapy included -- and I have 90% mobility in the shoulder now... So, all in all, it was a good decision...

Best of luck with your recovery, let me know if you have questions you think I might answer.


OK, so I'm pretty new to blogging so I have say for the record that this is soooo amazing. Thank you Nicole for your kind words and sharing of your own experiences around the fun filled world of "shoulder trouble for diabetics". You can not know how wonderful it felt to receive your comment about something that before blogging, no one in my immediate world would have understood, let alone experienced. The degree of relief I feel from being seen AND understood is huge! I am also heartened by your story of recovery and feel better about my decision because of it. I'm looking forward to more mobility, no pain and increased strength. Thanks again for your thoughts and kind wishes!

I've lived with chronic shoulder pain for years now.

And no one has ever told me this.


Thank you.

I am so glad that this entry helped you in some small way. I found that seeing an orthopedic surgeon who 1) really understood diabetes (unlike the first one I saw who gave me the cortisone shot that wacked my diabetes control for, no joke, 3 months) and 2) wasn't prone to recommend surgery right out of the shoot, made all the difference in dealing with my shoulder problems. It's not that surgery might not be the best path, but I've found that it was good to know all the options before I opted for an invasive procedure. Having said that, I'm very glad that I have had the surgery and am slowly on the mend. Shoulder stuff is complicated and requires a long healing process. But it does get better...and that's the goal, right? Good luck!

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