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Isn't that the truth! If we could eliminate variables, answers would be that much easier! But, life is FULL of variables. Makes it very difficult to nail things down.

It's frustrating because you really *want* to figure it out! There's just too many unknowns.

Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches and hope to not get beat up too bad. I sometimes picture myself like one of those blow up clown punching bags, you know - weighted at the bottom so when you punch it he topples over, but springs right back up with that silly grin all in your face! That's me - you might smack me a good one diabetes, but I'll be damned if you knock me over for good!

So TRUE! who the hell ever knows you could have a feakin hang nail and poof a 300 blood sugar.. or just eat salad and Poof 300 there it is again.. or actually have something really serious going on but who the hell ever knows ugh!

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