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And a big "Thank You" for sharing your stories and insights with us.

Diabetes is a very individual thing - but one that others who struggle with it do "get" almost right away. We know what it's like, and the struggles that we all deal with, and the sense of accomplishment when we pull through something.

The OC is a big part of my life, and I'm very thankful for it. Not only providing valuable feedback and ideas, but also in giving me an outlet to get things off my chest, to pose a question, to vent a frustration or to express my gratitude.

Thank YOU for your meaningful posts - most often they touch a chord in me, and I appreciate that.

All the best!

I'm with Scott... I definitely empathize with you and what you write in your postings... and I also want to thank-you for sharing that with us:).

I'm SO glad that I could help in some way. I know the feeling of being alone & it can feel pretty depressing at times. For me,reading others' posts, doing my own blogging, and reading responses to what I have written, has made a world of difference. It's made me see that I am not alone in my struggle. It's something I am extremely thankful for... Trutfully, I think anything that gives you an outlet to expess yourself and then get so much positive feedback and support is just too awesome for words.

This isn't an easy disease by any means and knowing there are others out there who know and understand does make it a little easier. So I hope that those days where you feel alone are very rare occasions- b/c, truthfully, you are not alone in the least :)!

I just wanted to say "I hear you!" and I love your blog. The photos alone draw me in...

And I'm with Scott and Andrea: I can't imagine what I'd do without the OC.

All the best and keep on posting!
- Amy

I love stopping by your blog and seeing your voice ringing out from here. It's always a pleasure. The online community has provided so much support and encouragement and grace to draw upon and your contributions are strong and passionate.

Always happy to see your blog updated. :)

-- Kerri.

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