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I really love your posts.

You have a wonder "be kind, be gentle" attitude, which I've touched on before. It's very meaningful to me, and something I feel we all need to work on.

This post again touches on something that is deeper than it may at first appear. And YES! We all need to turn down some things (if we can) and give ourselves some more "me" time.

I know that I personally will overload myself with other things so that I feel like I have a valid excuse to not focus on some mentally challenging issues with myself. Except for the fact that the excuse is bullshit, it usually tricks me into thinking it's working for a while.

You know - that whole 'diabetes is on the "back burner"' thing? What a crock of bull! Our self care really should be priority number one. We owe it to ourselves to be more selective about the tasks we take on.

And how wonderful to acknowledge all the hard work, the tough fights and successes, by saying "yes" to something joyful. I love it.

Thank you again!

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