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I love this idea of making it tangible. So much of our health depends on the most minute, half-thought decisions: eat the chips I grabbed reflexively off the buffet table or throw them out? go upstairs and get my meter, or just count the carbs and promise myself I'll test later?

Your book looks beautiful. Someday I'll scan in a series of photographs I did relating to my diabetes and post them.

That is GREAT!!!! I LOVE it!!

I too was just amazed at the great idea that Minnesota Nice had with the legos - and like you say - what a wonderful book that would make!

I didn't know that there were services out there such as blog binders. I think that is a really really neat thing to do.

I have been personally touched by so many of your blog entries - I just love reading any updates you post. And yes, as art-sweet says, they look beautiful. If you ever run off more than the 10 you did initially, I would be interested in buying one from you.

And art-sweet - I think we would all love to see those photos - you are a great photographer!

Holy Cow!

I honestly don't know how I've missed your blog for so long. I've clearly been missing out on some really great stuff.

Your project sounds great, is very inspiring, and looks beautiful. I read through the 20 things and each and everyone of them hit very close to home (of the lump-in-the-throat variety). And like Scott mentioned, if you ever think about doing a re-print, I'd be interested in purchasing a copy in a heart-beat.

I look forward to reading more of your blog (both future posts and trolling through your archives).

Thank you, thank you.

What a terrific idea! You've definitely sparked a huge brainstorming session for me.

And as Scott already has said, I would love to purchase myself an autographed copy of your 20 Things book.


Wow! Thank you all so much for your kind words. This has been such a great process and project, and your wonderful comments have made it even better! I am so grateful.

I'm also very touched that you are interested in getting a copy of Aim for Grace. I had these books custom made so let me see what it would cost to have a few more made (they are digitally printed and bound). In the meantime, please know how much it means to me that you are interested in having one.

I really do think creativity can be such a healing process. I'm excited to see what Kerri comes up with and I too would love to see art-sweet's photos as well as Minnesota Nice's lego structures. Maybe there is some kind of collective repository for all the stuff people come up with to live together (a group on flickr?) Or some kind of open source, shared project like on www.learningtoloveyoumore.com. What I love about this site is that the "projects" are shared, same "assignment" with lot's of different solutions for those who choose to participate. Imagine if we did something like "make a collage of how diabetes feels today". Boy would I love to see what comes from that!

Regardless, a big thanks to you all. You all make this so much better!

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