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This is very true. The worst health problems I’ve had in life were not diabetes, but it sure made dealing with the diabetes much harder when I had other more pressing health issues to deal with. I love the analogy of layers, and I really related with all of this!

i came to you from lena corwin's blog, and i'm thrilled i did, because i'm diabetic too, and so much of what i've read so far resonates with my experiences. thank you - so much. it's lovely when some one just gets it. i feel like i've come home.

That was very nicely put. THe dynamic aspects of diabetes have taught me to bask and savor when things are going well and to always realize that "this too shall pass" when they're not.
I've just come off a period when my dawn phenomemon was behaving itself and it was wonderful. Yet, now my fasting readings are creeping back up and the only thing I can do is try this, that, and the next possibility that comes to mind to deal with the problem.
Have a good day

This is a great post!

The PLUS factor is a huge component of our everyday living, and that PLUS factor can make diabetes so damn noisy sometimes that you almost can't stand the volume of it!

But, like you and MN Nice say, there are other times where things are much less noisy, and I should work to appreciate those times more.

Take care!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback as always and welcome jerusha! I'm so glad that this feels like coming home. You've made my day!

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