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Hi Ruppert,

Nights are my big problem too - I am most worried about hypos, but it is the erratic night time bg values that prevent me from adjusting my night basal. I have been waking up pretty much twice EVERY night for years! Sometimes you get so sick of it. Sure I go back to sleep again, immediately, most of the time that is! But if it is the inconsistency that is the problem, why would a CGM help? Of course the alarm system would help! Maybe one could sleep if you knew the alarm would beep so I wouldn't have to "check" all the time. Then there is the HUGE cost and the fact that b/c the CGMS are new there still exist problems to be worked out. I really do not know either - but b/c my docs here in Belgium say it is just NOT to be considered yet. Patience they tell me over and over and over. How can they talk about patience - they do not have to wake up every night, as I have for years and years and years. I have decided to wait ahile - just b/c it is simpler than FIGHTING to get one. Boy is that a stupid reason for waiting - but isn't it hard always fighting for stuff! JUST my thoughts!

Well said. You voiced a lot of my concerns with the CGM, and also the things that piqued my interest about it. I look forward to hearing more about your decisions and experiences. Hopefully insurance will start picking up the tab in a few years...

I agree that there appear to me so many benefits from using either of the CGMS systems available - but as you point out, the cost is prohibitive at this point for many people (including me).

I don't have any choice but to hang tight and watch this new technology mature and their developers & existing patients to work with their insurance people. I hope that in the near future the costs will be covered, at least partially, by insurance.

And you know - come to think of it - I had the exact same reservations about pumping, back before I started it. I wonder if it is a similar thing? You know - after wearing it you get "hooked" on the information and the ability to fine tune your control, so much so that it makes the issues more like non-issues.

The technology is still very young, and we will see some very exciting improvements in the next few years. I am anxiously watching and waiting for it all to happen.

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