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Where are you using now? I use the silohuettes and have no problem with belly or thigh sites. Thigh sites are kind of annoying because I have yanked out a site once or twice getting into a pair of jeans...

I know what you mean about switching - can't this disease ever be predictable?

I've been using my hip/butt/waist area. It's just worked out so well up to now. Boo hoo.

I'll check out the silhouettes too. And thanks for the encouragement! I don't know exactly when I got to be such a grumpy, stick in the mud.

I completely "get this". I recently had to add and re-add a few new places to do sites recently. At one point in time I rotated belly to thighs and back to belly. When running became my favorite past time though I had to stop using my thighs and legs because of absorption rates while running. At this point I used only my tummy. I recently stopped using my tummy because after 11 years of pumping and using my tummy quite a bit, I've gained some scar tissue and so I've sworn off tummy area for the next five years. Now I use buttocks (much shorter runs at this point and no running during the week make this possible), arms (FIRST TIME EVER! this year), and my back on the side. It is hard though, and figuring out different absorption rates and how to get things figured with your clothes and dressing without yanking out a site is interesting. Good luck!

Do absorbtion rates really vary that much?

I've been a non-stop stomach inserter for 2 years now, but I'm thinking about switching to the thigh-area. I talked to a friend about it today, trying to understand all the new stuff I'll have to get used to.

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