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I am so not religious, but this post made me want to say "Bless You, Rupp."

I think your aim is true and you hit grace dead on.

I love your philosophy: grace is as fine a guide in life as any.

(and thanks for pointing out jerusha's blog... so much beautiful writing, it's overwhelming).

Thank you so much for bringing up religious thing because I've been a bit worried that that's how the name of this blog might be taken. Just to clarify, I don't mean grace in any religious sense. I mean it in the "philosophical", "handle it with gracefulness", have some style, positivity, gratitude about what is good in this experience (cuz there's lots of bad). Graceful like Christopher Reeves, Jackie Kennedy, Nelson Mandela. Strength and poise in spite of disaster or challenge or injustice. For me personally, the idea of grace doesn't come from religion, for others it might. For me, at it's core, it's about how we choose to cope. And for me the way this community copes personifies how I define grace for myself. So I'm sorry if I have caused any confusion. And thanks too for the chance to clarify.

You are, without question, perhaps one of the most graceful bloggers I know. It is always a real pleasure to read your entries, and they never fail to make me think and reflect.

Thank you for that.

I am very much honored to be a part of your online circle of diabetics - there are so many really great bloggers out there, and they (and you) have had such a positive impact on my life and struggles with diabetes.

Your last post touched me too, but I hadn't had a chance to comment yet on it.

Thank you for all that you are, and all that you share with us. It makes a big difference for me.

I feel like crying, reading your and Kerri's posts, and I don't normally dissolve into tears. I feel so far from grace, miles and miles away, screaming rage at the universe in fact, but your post gives me inspiration. Aim for Grace, it is a beautiful mantra.

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