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Oh man. That's tough.

You know, I think that as CGM systems become better and more affordable, this type of thing will happen less and less.

The first thoughts I had about this was "what type of alarms or alerts might let us know something is not working right".

Well, those warnings would be unexplained high blood sugars! BUT - we can only test so often, and it's unreasonable to feel like you should have caught this any earlier.

When we're all wearing some type of CGM, the system would alert us to high or rising BG's, and we could initiate the troubleshooting so much sooner - maybe even before we feel so crappy.

Also, prior to pumping you always had that background basal from shots, so you never had to worry about anything like this. I guess that is one of the prices we pay for the other benefits of pump therapy.

My question is why does everything have to have a price?

Pumps are lovely, BUT when they malfunction you realize how vulnerable we are without the usage of long acting insulin! This has happened to me too so I really do know how crappy you felt. You didn't mention checking for ketones..... you probably had them too!

This has happened to me before, but with a site that came out and I hadn’t realized it. It’s rough when you have a high blood sugar. It is even rougher when you have a high blood sugar that really makes you feel worse than high blood sugars normally do.

A few things come to mind:

1) You've never had a bloodsugar over 450 in 20 years with diabetes?! That is fan-freaking-tastic! While I certainly feel like a failure and physically feel like crap on top of that when it happens, I've probably broken the 500 mark about once per year.

2) I too have had the same thing happen, but back when I was using Quick-release inserts (the kind with the 4" tails that you had to tape to your side). I had bent the little needle at the quick release and was filling up the little space there with insulin rather than delivering it TO ME. That sucked. I had to go home for the day because I didn't have back-up supplies with me at work and I was spilling ketones through the evening. Which brings me nicely to...

3) Ditto what Chrissie said: ketones are what make s us feel like ick when we miss our insulin. You were probably spilling them in all that pee. Chugging water helps that feeling go away faster.

Sorry you had such a rough day.

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