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Give the Silhouette a few more chances. I've used them solely for six years, and they are not supposed to hurt, nor are you supposed to feel them once they're in. Not sure where (if?) you carry fat on your body, but try the fleshy part of your hips, too. It's one of my favorite (i.e, pain-free) spots.

I am so with you on the sils. I HATE them. They hurt going in, they hurt when they are in, and they hurt when I pull them out.

I like to use my thighs once in awhile for sets. I put them about as high up as I can go and on the side of my leg so I can get it in a fatty place.

I really get sick of poking fingers, changing sets, injecting when I need to, etc, too. It gets old.

My legs used to be one of my primary spots for sites, but for running reasons, I had to taper off of using my legs unless I knew I wasn't going to run because of how fast it sped up insulin absorption. I say keep trying that. I used to really like my INNER thighs. The problem there though is you tend to hit a vein more often and if you do, well you know, nasty bruise. I'm trying the shorter silhouette in the next few weeks as I asked for a sample. Did you try the longer one or the new shorter one?

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