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I am so very grateful for you getting this group off the ground! The images are often times so powerful, so telling - and we can "get it" in an instant.

Images are so powerful.

and i thought i was the only one who sometimes couldn't resist NOT using a tissue!

Yes, thank you, again and again, for your awesome flickr group. I'm usually self-conscious about my blood-speckled diabetes stuff... but not as much any more. It's great to see those pictures... the only type 1 I know in real life is my aunt, 1000 miles away!

And I thought I was the only one who felt like this. I too find comfort in seeing that I'm not alone. Diabetes can make you feel so lonely in this world, but seeing someone's bedside table that looks same as mine minus details, or all the bloody test strips, or all the diabetic supplies, it comforts me and warms me up somehow knowing that there are people out there who understand, who really understand.

Thank you for the wonderful group.

I have got blood spots everywhere - on door handles, light switches, the keyboard. Of course I try and clean them up, but count to three and there they are again. Here is a disgusting thing about me - I often wear a black sweater, so I wipe my finger off on that. Otherwise I lick it off. Once in the metro someone offered me a tissue. My Mom said just this Xmas - Chrissie, ughhh, you must clean that up! How is a little blood drop going to hurt anyone?!!

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