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Interesting point--have you contacted pump companies to let them know what you think?

Honestly, I tuck my pump under a shirt or in a pocket, so I can't imagine what it would take to make me want to wear it more openly. How could it look better for you?

Thanks for pointing this out. I agree completely. Mind you if the pumps were less expensive and the market bigger (and you know the two are related), maybe they'd have more money to hire designers.

There's something like a design hierarchy of needs, see for example Kathy Sierra's wonderful post - What Comes After Usability (http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/2007/01/what_comes_afte.html).

I think pump designers have barely made the first four levels (Efficiency, Learnability, Correctness, Functionality). I agree it's time for them to attack the usability stuff.

While they're at it, could they also fix the following Functionality and Efficiency issues?
* Font size for the support telephone number. If you can't read it, what use is it?
* Beep volume. On my pump, I have to use vibrate mode because I can't hear the beep (though I do attract lots of dogs, only kidding).
* Waterproofing. I realize that water is a fairly recent invention. But it's been around long enough now that all pumps should be waterproof to at least 10 feet of submersion.
* Different cases. Come on folks, mobile phones have done this for YEARS. Why can't users purchase different color skins for their pumps? While these are life-saving devices, we also need to wear them all the time. Why can't they be at least a little fashionable?

Isn't the iPhone lovely? Sigh....

Yup, the pumps are a bit of an eyesore. And having something that looks like that glued to my stomach does point out to me that something's not right.... whereas, if I had an iPhone glued to my stomach I might feel a little but awesome.

I agree on both points. Apple just knows how to make a product not only look great but function the way you want it too. I do wish Master P (my pump) was as sleek as the iPhone. Well, maybe someday pump companies will work on a better design.

Good points. I think that eventually the demand will help drive the innovation.

It's just hard to wait!

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