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Let me just put this straight - I love your site! I love the way you analyze stuff. I agree totally on the importance of design; the importance of beauty. Living with ugliness degrades or life, although perhaps we are not actively conscious of it! It is important to realize how beauty makes us feel happy. And I love the way you see issues in a visual form - this is so easy to relate to.

It's true. Some days you can coast with diabetes basically running on autopilot, and you hardly realize the amount of effort you're actually putting in, because we've become so used to it, the background processing that chugs along, constently, at a low hum.

But when monkey wrenchs and curveballs are thrown your way, diabetes can certainly eat up a bunch of your pie. Mmmmmm, pie.....

So not fair.

Yes, it does always have it's piece of the pie doesn't it?

Some days I could use a second pie to help me get to all that is displaced when I'm struggling with what my diabetes slice is growing into!

Some days I feel like my diabetes is vovering the entire pie chart.

Great post! I feel better already, thinking of the Big D as just a piece of the big pie of life.

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