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This is a great topic, and so relevant. I've found that I've naturally fallen into the pattern of giving myself a little treat if I have a hard diabetes day. Simple things, like a beautiful drive with my husband and some good music, or a trip to the library, or a glass of some fancy iced tea. It helps. It's part of the balancing act, and it lets me remember that even though diabetes underlines my life, it doesn't define it. I am the only one who decides what defines my life.

Exactly - let's stop with the "pollyanna crap". What helps - pretty things, a nice HOT shower, a good laugh, playing in the snow, hugging an animal..... there are tons of wonderful things out there.

Coloring helps. Look outside your window and scribble part of what you see on paper...add color. See the beauty. A candle helps. Inhale the beauty and warmth. Ask God to reveal His goodness. He always answers, though often in unexpected ways.

Sometimes, if I’m having a rough day, I take a day off from logging. Sometimes when you just can’t get the numbers in line, it is better just to not write them down. I also love to read, so a good book anytime will help me feel better. Oh, and cookies. Cookies are always good.

- looking at pictures of my precious niece Emily
- reflecting on how far I've come in my control and savoring the victory
- getting off the bus this morning at 6:45 when the sky is still that beautiful, indescribable blue - the shade that was never in the 64 box of crayolas
- going to the yarn store and buying a small amount of imported yarn and then pondering what I will make with it
- lingering over a long weekend breakfast out with friends and having the entire afternoon free to unfold as it will
- listening to classic oldies - folk, jazz, motown, rock
-dancing in my living room like an unfettered wildwoman
- watching reruns of "Northern Exposure"
- decluttering my home and getting rid of junk
- realizing that each day has it's own promise
- contemplating The Mystery

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