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You ask how can we minimize the anger and sadness that diabetes has on us. By realizing, as you so succintly put it, that diabetes is as basic to us as breathing. Why does that help? I cannot separate D from me as a person. We are so intertwined. But hej - I like myself! Sure, there are tons of things about me that could be better, but basicaly I still like who I am. And who I am has definitely been molded by my D - as I said we are inseparable. Knowing that I would not change who I am at the core and that who I am has been so sifnificantly molded by D, makes me calmer, cools my temper. That does NOT mean we do not need to let off steam - and that is just what the D OC lets us do. Lori's post "Sorrow Tree" at her blog Very Old, Very Healthy Diabetic started me thinking on these lines b/c I too would probably, at day's end, also take back my own sorrow - at least if we MUST take a sorrow back with us!

I forgot one thing. And if you DON'T like who you are, do something about it b/c it is only YOU who can change who you are.

Honorable goal. My strategy for diabetes is that there is always tomorrow. What it means to me is that if today was not good enough I can always try again tomorrow, and if today is good tomorrow I can make it even better.

Very nice post and nice reasoning as well. It seems like this kind of acceptance of living with diabetes takes time to come to (I'm thinking of the anger of the blogs of the more recently-diagnosed), or at least takes some thoughtful insight, rather than the more immediate anger and sadness that I see in many blogs by people affected with diabetes for a shorter amount of time.

Ooh, I really like that phrase "demanding of beauty", because no matter what the circumstances, it is always to be found.
Good post; good comments. Nice little reminders for me to take through my day!
(And I also like the image of db "taking up space" - sometimes we just have to rearrange things to make room for it - an effort, but worth the results.)

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