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Great post.

I often think along the same lines, feeling like there is only a certain amount of "mental resources" to go around, and much of mine is dedicated to trying my best with my diabetes.

I do like your term "mindspace" much more.

I know that I too have mood swings that are driven by my blood sugars. A fact that my wife so delicately helped me to discover. When my blood sugar is high, I'm irritable. I often make a point to test my blood sugar if I find I'm snapping at the kids or her, etc.

I know that diabetes has shaped who I am. I could not tell you how though. How can something that is so intertwined into everything no have an affect on who you are?

Doing the best we can is all that can be asked of us.

My coworker tells me that I am all about the numbers. Sometimes I wonder if I would be all about the numbers if I didn't have to be all about the numbers....

Boy am I with you on this post! Who am I? How much is ME and how much is diabetes? I get so terribly frustrated when I have to deal with my Mom who absolutely will not accept how diabetes affects my life. A Mom should understand right?! Well you can just forget that. People who say we are not changed by this disease infuriate me OR I begin to think that I am the weird one, everyone else manages fine to "live a normal life". Thru the OC blog I think I can say with confidence that I am not the only one having trouble organizing my life around D. It would be great if you sent me an email! I have not been able to read all your posts recently Yes, time and the feeling of failure before I even start. How can I read everything so why try, why start, but your posts I had to read! I am so glad you are out of the hospital "in one piece"! I think I was more scared for you than you were yourself!

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