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Haha! That's awesome!

Oh, another thing. I work with a whole slew of designers. I was talking one day with one of the designers about medical design, as she has a friend who is in the trenches of medical design. My daughter wears Thera-Togs all day every day, they help align her hips and legs in the correct direction. Well, summer is coming up, and she will still be wearing these icky sicky looking things. I'd really love if they made them with patterns! But these things just don't seem to come up when they design this stuff...

That is just the coolest thing I have ever seen. I just showed everyone in my office. :)

Are you kidding? That is really cool! Although I'm not brave enough to let my tubing hang out like that. ;)

Nice on the pump wearing eye you have. Nice ad.

FYI, there's a judge wearing a pump in the armhole of her dress in a scene near the end of Mad Hot Ballroom, the indie film about young kids competing in dance competitions in NY. Just another "hey! check that out" moment.

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