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Ohhhh it is tricky!!

More often, I tend to go high after working out! I rarely go low, but I set a temp basal rate for an hour before. For the past few months, I tend to watch my sugars and if they have not dropped by the time I am done working out, I replace that reduced basal rate at the end of the workout....and it seems to work out!

Learned through trial and error!

Yep, exercise adds so many variables to our management. But it is very much worth it - it's so good for our bodies!

The recipe for success is again as individual as we are.

I too start a temp basal rate at least an hour before exercising (if I can - if it's scheduled, etc). And play around with it afterwards too.

Exercise can really supercharge any insulin you've got working, and not just while you exercise too but for a time afterwards.

Do it enough though and you will figure out what you need to do in order to make it work. If you'd like I would be happy to share what I know about how my body works for the basketball that I do.

I love these posts about diabetes... my mom and uncle both have the illness, so I understand it's effect on not only the human body, but the family unit. Granola bars and OJ juice boxes are always on hand!
Fabulous to talk about this...
Keep up the amazing work! And continue to *live, love, and laugh*. Life is short.

Namaste, Tara

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