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Nicely stated! Minute after minute, day after day, we have to think of things no one else has to think of.

Wow, Birdie, you nailed it again so eloquently. I guess my Crankiness of late is simply me tripping over all the crap on my new road -- which I also feel leading me away from all the "normal" people.

Sometimes I think I came here with a feeling of alienation - that the db just enhances it.
It was a particular struggle years ago when we were told to follow a "strict" food exchange plan. This was 1978 and I had had db for a couple of years, and took one whopping injection of 70 units of NPH.
This did not allow for slumber party foods, so I'd go and sit in the corner while the other girls were chomping down chips, popcorn and coke - "don't give her any - she can't have it".
I also clearly remember being invited to a birthday party for "brunch", which was a pretty sophisticated concept in small-town Minnesota back then. I ate three meals a day - I was not allowed to have brunch at 10:30 a.m. That "feeling like a freak" unpleasantness has resurfaced easily with those memories..............

Great post - very well put.

I think we can all identify with that to some degree.

Me too.

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