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I love seeing all these CGMS pictures - gives me a good visual, at least, on what this would look like on my body.

Also, I sent you an email but I'm not sure if it made it to you. Could you drop me a line at kerri @ sixuntilme dot com? :)


When I was in Las Vegas last week I chatted with Scott Hanselman who's also wearing a Minimed. We spent a few minutes comparing the user interfaces on our CGM systems (mine's a Dexcom). I liked what Minimed had done on the pump.

Could you post some information about the software that goes with the Minimed pump? I'm interested to know whether it produces any useful statistics, and how it graphs readings (from sensor and meter) and insulin together.

Good luck with the new piece of cyborgy equipment.

Hi Bernard,
I have just wear tested the CGMS from minimed for the last few days, but don't have one of my very own yet. I'm upgrading my pump so that it's compatible with the CGMS which I'll get after I take the $999 (not covered by insurance yet) plunge for the starter kit. So unfortunately, I'm not much help regarding the software and graph/stat/tech details at this point. As soon as I know more, I'll let you know what I know...Cyborg Birdie

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