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I have scrapbooks and recipe card files filled with quotes (actually, I should have them all neatly filed in a Word document......)
One time, on a billboard, there was a picture of two beautiful dolphins coming up out of the water. It said, "faith lives in deep waters" (it was advertising a church). But, the same could be said about courage, or any other life-affirming trait.
May your new studio bring you great pleasure!

I love your blog and visit daily as it is a source of constant inspiration and joy. Recently I noticed the link for "chronic illness considered" and my heart leapt. When I clicked it and found the subject to be diabetes I was more than a little disappointed. I have been living with chronic pain for five years now, unable to function, unable to complete even the most basic tasks. While I do not want to minimize the pain of others I have trouble with ythe characterization of your illness. There are many worse things in the world and to pretend otherwise is an exercise in self-pity. Please bear in mind that this may well be coming from a place of bitterness in which case I ask you to disregard it. I just wanted to provide a bit of a reality check (or vent on some innocent person, I can't decide which.)

Ah, Minnesota Nice, you always surprise me with your inspiring (and very poetic) approach to life with diabetes. And thanks for the kind wishes on the studio. We'll see what comes from it!

Rebeca, I'm very sorry to hear that you are in constant pain. That must be very difficult. Thank you for comment, though I don't think that my experience or voice around diabetes is an exercise in self pity. This blog, in reality, is a place to express feelings around my own experience with disease, honestly and openly, as part of the positive process of healing, comfort, community and life affirmation. I do know that it could be worse. But that fact does not erase the realities of my experiences with the chronic illness of diabetes, or my need to consider and discuss them. And through this process of consideration, I've discovered a supportive and rich community which has really helped me along the way. And for that I'm extremely grateful.

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