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I've also been thinking about how much I would like to think I can "fly by the seat of my pants" with things and "get away with it". But, you can't cheat diabetes.

I'm starting to recognize and appreciate, even if with a slice of anger, how much routine and stability help me keep things managed a little better.

Just as Scott, in all his wisdom, said above: You can't cut corners with diabetes. In my short time being a diabetic, I've learned this time and time again, but the idea still has yet to stick.

Distractions are always a good thing to have when things go awry. Puppies are a good one, and I really like the photograph there. Actually, I seem to like all the photographs you put in your posts. They have a certain style, one which I cannot place a finger on, and I am a big fan of the graphical portions of your posts, in addition to the written element of course!

I hate the ups and downs, but sometimes (and I truly believe this) we need to have them to escape from daily rigidity. It is just when we allow ourselves the ups and downs and then PAY for that for the next few days with MORE ups and downs that I get frustrated with!

Absolutely, Birdie, Scott, Tomm and Sarah.
No matter how many fist-shaking tantrums I want to throw, the truth is that we know what is a wise choice and what is not.

Ah, the feeling of abandon..when the waves make one seasick...but then deciding to just surf them and even taunt them ~ a humbling outcome, indeed, and I so relate.

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