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I so agree with you. Again, I'm amazed at just how you are able to so eloquently put words to some of the very primal emotions I have about this stuff.

I too am thankful for the technology we have, I still think it is very, very primitive. I mean really - should it be normal for us to have to violate (poke, insert, bleed, infuse, inject) ourselves in order to survive?

You continue to be gracious; you have perfect aim.
Thank you once again.

I feel the exact same way about my sensor. I was SO relieved to pull it out the first time (I'm only on week two) and then found myself making up various excuses to delay putting another one in for a good three days. (It's in now, finally.)

I am very comfortable with my Quickset insertion site, even when it appears through clothing or if I'm in a bathing suit, but I was invited to sit by the pool today and said no ... it's gorgeous but for some reason having this big sensor attached to my abdomen turned me off to the entire afternoon.

Hopefully this changes as we get more used to it / as they develop smaller sensors. (Really, why does the needle have to be THAT fat and THAT long when blood glucose monitors only use a tiny prick?)

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