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Major suckage.

I've had a knitting blog for almost two years. I've been diabetic for almost 27. And I just started reading a few diabetes blogs. I just wanted to tell you, the same struggles have happened to me. But I always thought I was the only one who had these problems - that I had somehow failed where every other diabetic had no problems. So a part of me feels like much less of a failure reading your post. But a bigger part of me thinks it really rots that you are having some off days. Thank you for sharing, and I'm hoping everything settles down right away.

Sorry .... I hear what you are saying, and know how you are feeling.... Sorry.

it's so hard for "the others" (no, not the ones on "lost" -- the non-diabetics) to understand just how hard it is on the body. I feel tired for you.

Prayers...for enduring once again..with beauty & beautifully. My heart feels the pain & weariness.
It comes to me all too often. I hope today you are a bit better.

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